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Installation Instructions

The recommended way of installing Instacast is through the App Store.

Alternatively, you can use Xcode to install Instacast on your iOS device using just your Apple ID.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install Xcode
  2. Download the Instacast Source Code or git clone
  3. Open "Instacast.xcodeproj" in Xcode
  4. Go to Xcode's Preferences > Accounts and add your Apple ID
  5. In Xcode's sidebar select "Instacast" and go to General > Identity. Append a word at the end of the Bundle Identifier e.g. com.vemedio.ios.instacast6*.name* so it's unique. Select your Apple ID in Signing > Team
  6. Connect your iPad or iPhone using USB and select it in Xcode's Product menu > Destination
  7. Press CMD+R or Product > Run to install Instacast
  8. If you install using a free (non-developer) account, make sure to rebuild Instacast every 7 days, otherwise it will quit at launch when your certificate expires

Contact me if you need help.

Contribution Guidelines

I am currently only accepting pull requests that fix bugs or add/improve features. I can't allocate time to review pull requests that only refactor things or add comments.


Instacast Core is a podcast player for iOS.







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