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Molten Screenshots



Command Execution and History Tab

The execution window is separated into three blocks to set up the command:

  • Client Configuration
  • Target Configuration (if applicable, e.g. hidden for 'runner' client)
  • Function Configuration with documentation molten-exec-basic

Matching functions are shown with a one-line description until exactly determined. molten-exec-doclist

When the function in the input is valid, the full documentation is shown. molten-exec-docdetail

All clients exhibited via API can be used, async clients are selected via additional checkbox in client configuration. molten-exec-clientselect

All targeting options are selectable via menu dropdown. molten-exec-targetselect

The result of an submitted execution is shown below. In async case, a link to the job result is displayed. molten-exec-result

Executed commands can be reviewed and reused from the history tab. molten-exec-history

Job Overview and Details Tab

A list of all jobs with basic information is available via Jobs tab. molten-job-overview

Clicking on any jid displays the job result (if available) and job details. molten-job-details

Minion Tab

Grains, Pillar and Job history of each Minion can be accessed via the 'Minions' tab. Further, a highstate can be directly triggered for each minion. molten-minion-basic

Events Tab and Event Toast Messages

The 'Events' Tab provides an updated view on all events. Locally stored events can be cleared and the event list can be filtered by tag. molten-event-basic

Optionally, all new events can be shown as toast message. molten-event-toasts

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