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I change the way Vagrant recipe is working by installing the Chef GEM.
Also, change the group creation and group management in system recipe causing the group not being created correctly.

Hope it will helps

Geraud Puech... added some commits Oct 22, 2012
Geraud Puechaldou Change the vagrant profile 689773e
Geraud Puechaldou Change the RVM group creation as the Vagrant user was never added to …
…the RVM Group.

The group is created depending on a Group ID if necessary
Users would be added in appending
And Vagrant user is added in appending to the group in case of the vagrant recipe usage
Geraud Puechaldou do not execute GROUP if you don't have data in group users the only_i…
…f didn't work properly

that's why there is a complementary test

The only if is there for Foodcritic test purpose
Geraud Puechaldou Last version of RVM create a nil rubies causing error 203a785

The last RVM create an empty named "nil" inside the rubies directory reject the value from installed_rubies array.

@cbandy cbandy commented on the diff Oct 31, 2012
- g.run_action(:create)
cbandy Oct 31, 2012

This changes the behavior from the comment above.

g.run_action(:create) creates the group at compile time.

gpsnail Oct 31, 2012

Ok, but, the Group is not created if empty visibly


Hi @gpsnail and thank you for submitting this pull request. This appears to be similar to #149 so I'm wondering if its a duplicate or could the efforts could be merged for better review?

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