Add support for raspbian platform #180

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Add support for raspian (debian wheezy derivative used by Raspberry Pi)

Tested basic functionality (install system wide 1.9.3-p392, gems, etc.) with latest raspbian image. Previous raspbian images identified themselves with a platform of debian, so should be backwards compatible.


Hi @tdg5 and thank you for sending along a pull request! I'm not sure how we could add this to the test-kitchen suite in .kitchen.yml, is there a Vagrant basebox out there to test this out on? The Opscode bento project may be a good place to look for creating a base image for automated testing.


@tdg5 QEMU actually sounds like a great idea! It may be hard for us to have test-kitchen support right off the bat, but having such a driver would be really nice. I'm currently checking with @jedi4ever to see if veewee could play with QEMU which would pave the way to such a basebox. Coolbeans!

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