A pre-commit hook that blocks tab-indented code
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Pre-commit hook for teams working on a mix of Windows and Mac machines

A pre-commit hook that does not pass tab-indented code.

Avoiding tab-indentation is the best way to ensure code looks the same on all code editors/viewers including Mac, Windows, Vim and the GitHub website.

Screen shot of terminal demonstrating pre-commit hook

How to use

Simply copy the pre-commit file in this repo into your repository's githooks folder (usually .git/hooks/) and give it execute permissions. Now it will be invoked on every commit.

# From the root folder of your repo...
cd .git/hooks
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/martinjoiner/portable-code-pre-commit-hook/master/pre-commit .
chmod +x pre-commit
cd ../../

To learn more about githooks visit https://git-scm.com/docs/githooks