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cmarqu commented Jan 19, 2011

Hi Martin,

I have two (stylistic) comments about libv:

"(difference=" should be " (difference=" (multiple times)

Personally, I prefix my reports with "N:", "W:" or "E:" (for note, warning, error) so that I am not dependent on the simulator format for reporting the assertion level in case I want to grep or postprocess the log file.

As someone who has written (parts) of similar packages, I find the idea of a shared such package apppealing, though I would place it under a different license (BSD, MIT or even PD/CC0).



Thanks Colin,

Yes, I quite agree about the space in the difference line - I'll sort those.

Regarding the license, I have been pondering one based on the LodePNG ( license, which is a little less "shouty" than the current one (and the BSD/MIT ones IIRC), whilst still being permissive...

Comments welcome :)

And if you'd like to contribute any code (or pull mine into something of yours) I'll be happy to work together on building more of a library!


cmarqu commented Jan 21, 2011

The more I think about it, the more I like the PD approach, without
the need to retain any copyright notice, or think about whether it's
appropriate to use that code in a project etc. I feel that we are
increasingly fighting against VHDL's decline, something that Jan
Decaluwe writes about in So the easier we make
it for anybody to do something better (or something at all) in VHDL,
the better it is. That would also be the reason why I'm interested
in helping with such a library - I just like VHDL and want to
continue using it. :)

The problem is that our packages similar to libv were written on
company time, so I can't re-release the code, and would have to do
a cleanroom implementation on my own time. I can certainly share
some ideas now though.

Since I work in a mixed-signal company, we have user-defined
physical types for voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, TC's,
angle, etc.; and operators defined on them; plus convenience
functions (e.g. to_human_string() which makes it easy to print
values like "current = 5 uA" in ASCII, LaTeX and DocBook format), or
Ohm's Law).
(And what would be really cool is a package like the analog_pack.vhd
described on page 10 and in Appendix 3 (page 56) of

Alright, this turned out be to more philosophical than intended
and certainly doesn't belong into an issue tracker... but where?
comp.lang.vhdl doesn't quite feel like the right place anymore.


Hi Chris,

I've kicked off a libv project under the CC0 license:


cmarqu commented Aug 5, 2011

Thanks, CC0 is great.

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