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This project contains some useful library functions for VHDL.
It is licensed under the Creative Common Zero license - no rights
"To the extent possible under law,
Martin Thompson,
Mike Tresler,
Hendrick Eeckhaut,
Sigasi nv and
Michael Frechtling
have waived all copyright and related or neighbouring
rights to the libv project.
This work is published from:
United Kingdom,
and the United States of America."
This means:
* You can use it for any purpose.
* No warranty of any kind is given or implied.
It would be appreciated if you contributed any improvements you make
back to the project. Contributions received (for example, pull requests
received on Github) will be interpreted as agreeing to waive
copyright and related rights as described above.
The central place to get this library of code from is here:
Running the tests
The test script is written for ghdl under Linux
$ ./test_libv
or on Windows:
C:> test_libv.bat
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