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Watch Twitch streams via HLS. Works on Safari 6+ (5+ for iOS), Chrome for Android 30+ and Edge on Windows 10. If the used browser does not support HLS it loads the stream via an experimental HTML5 feature (tested on latest Chrome and Firefox). If this feature is disabled, Flash is used. Built using Laravel 5.2 and Vue.js 1.0.

This application is running on


composer install
npm install

# Frontend development
gulp watch

# For production
gulp --production

# Tests

In order to Login via Twitch and load the followed streams you need to register your application on the website. After you've registered, fill the TWITCH_CLIENT_ID, TWITCH_CLIENT_SECRET and TWITCH_REDIRECT_URL with the appropriate values in the .env file.


Twitchls is licensed under the MIT license.

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