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#What is Fix the Web? Fix the Web is an extension-in-progress for Opera Web Browser. Many web pages use malformed HTML, poorly-written Javascript, or bad web development practices such as browser-sniffing. Consequently, these pages could produce visual flaws, functional glitches, or even worse, be completely nonfunctional in Opera, a standards-conforming web browser.

##What is purpose of this extension? The goal of Fix the Web is to provide a solution to these problems by allowing users to report site problems they encounter, reply to others' bug reports, and, most importantly, apply patches to broken web pages.

##Applying patches and road-map Before you apply a patch to a web page, determine how it needs to be fixed. If it only needs a CSS patch, then add the patch to the patches.json file in the CSS patches repository. However, if the web needs a Javascript patch, then add the patch in the patches.js file in the includes/ folder in this repository. Read more about site patching here.

##Contribution This project is open source, so your contributions will help it grow. Fork the project and contribute!

##Links Install the lastest stable version in the Opera addons catalog

Offical blog - Official forums

CSS Patches repository

Server-side repository - Web Interface - Beta Web Interface

How to Patch a Web Page - How to Create CSS Patches