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💡 Make an electron app with nothing but ClojureScript!
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Electron & ClojureScript

This repository contains an Electron app written in ClojureScript. In contrast to other examples out there this one uses ClojureScript for both parts of the Electron app: the main process and the renderer.


For development you can start the compiler with boot watch dev-build. This will incrementally compile ClojureScript sources, push changes to your running Electron app and provide a REPL connection (docs)into the app.

You can start the electron process using electron-prebuilt or using a downloaded package:

electron target/                          # Do not omit the trailing '/'

The build.boot file is annotated so you can exactly understand what's happening. When you make changes to the main process (the app.main namespace) you will need to restart the application. Probably automatic reloading could be added here too but changes are the main process are not as frequent so I didn't bother too much.

Packaging the app

The easiest way to package an electron app is by using electron-packager:

electron-packager target/ MyApp --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version=0.31.2
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