A pacman and cower wrapper written in dash
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owl is a pacman and cower wrapper focused on simplicity.


    owl <action> [arguments]

        Update package list and upgrade all packages afterwards.

    add PKG ...
        Install the given packages.

    remove PKG ...
        Remove the given packages.

    download PKG ...
        Download the given packages from the AUR.

    info PKG ...
        Retreive informations on the given packages.

    page PKG ...
        Opens the given packages AUR pages.

    home PKG ...
        Opens the given packages home pages.

    find STRING
        Search for packages matching STRING in the sync databases.

    search STRING
        Search for packages matching STRING in the AUR.

    query STRING
        Search locally for packages matching STRING.

    list PKG ...
        List all the files owned by the given packages.

    bin PKG ...
        Restrict the output of 'list' to executable files.

    etc PKG ...
        Restrict the output of 'list' to configuration files

    man PKG ...
        Restrict the output of 'list' to manual files.

    grep STRING PKG ...
        Search for STRING in all the files belonging to the given packages.

    owner FILE
        Return the name of the package owning the given file.

        Search and propose merges for 'pac{new,orig,save}' files.

        Show installed packages not found in the sync databases.

        Show packages not listed as a dependency by any package.


Most of the actions have an equivalent one letter form which always corresponds to the first letter of the full form.

Some actions also feature an uppercase one letter form:

  • R: also remove installed dependencies.

  • S: also searches in the sync databases.

  • F: also searches in the AUR if no packages match in the sync databases.

  • D: downloads even if the download directory already exists.

  • H string: opens every home pages from the results of a search action on the given string.

  • L string pkg ...: filter results of the list action with string.

  • U: looks for AUR updates.

  • Q: be verbose.

Actions without a one letter form: leftovers, foreigns and orphans.


The following environment variables should be set by the user (preferably in .bash_profile or something similar):

  • XDG_AUR_HOME -- where should the downloaded AUR packages be stored?

  • BROWSER -- the browser used for opening the package's home pages.

  • OWL_MAX_URL -- the maximum number of URL this program is allowed to send to the BROWSER in one go.


dash, cower, pacman and bash (for package name completion).