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AnnuGrow simulates the production of aboveground plant biomass considering in detail the vertical movement of water (infiltration, transpiration, percolation) and to a limited extent evaporation from the soil. Competition among seeds and individuals are considered. Current parameterization is for grasslands, soil, and climate in Israel. The model (V2.6) and its application are described in Köchy (2008) BMC Ecology 8:4, doi:10.1186/1472-6785-8-4


V2.6.1 (r11)

V2.7.0 (r14) contains changes for testing inverse-hypothesis effect and the calculation of the longest wet period.

V2.7.1 (r15) fixes a mistake in moistD3, moistD2 output.

For further information on the changes, please see the main.cpp file.

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