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Wadiscape simulates the growth and dispersal of herbs and dwarf shrubs in artificial (fractal) wadi landscapes (wadiscapes) of 1.5 km × 1.5 km. Vegetation dynamics are controlled by water availability, which varies with slope angle, aspect, and topographic position. The simulated dynamics are based on validated fine-grained models of annuals (a non-linear function of precipitation and seed bank density based on summarized information produced by [ AnnuGrow]; Köchy 2008) and dwarf-shrubs (Malkinson and Jeltsch 2007) and have been scaled up to WADISCAPE's cell size of 5 m × 5 m (Jeltsch et al. 2008). Grazing of the vegetation by small livestock (goats and sheep) is realized by randomly selecting cells and removing biomass. Cells are selected and grazed until the food demand for the specified stocking density is met.


V3.3.1 (r2)

V6.8.2 (r3)

For information on the changes, please see the [ main.cpp] (or [ main.cpp] for Wadiscape6) file.

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