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Lockdrop contracts
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This repo contains the smart contracts and scripts for the Edgeware lockdrop. The lockdrop contract enables users to lock and signal ether towards a given project. Users specify either 3, 6, or 12 month lockups and must submit an edgeware 32 byte hex public key and their interest in staking as a validator. The scripts aggregate transactions on behalf of a lockdrop contract and compile the JSON objects necessary for a substrate genesis specification.


yarn global add truffle
yarn install

To test, use ganache-cli and truffle

truffle test

To deploy locally against ganache-cli:

truffle deploy

Create a file named .env with the following information

# ETH config

# Node/provider config

# Lockdrop config

# Edgeware config

To use the script /scripts/lockdrop.js, ensure you've deployed to the respective network:

truffle compile
node ./scripts/lockdrop.js --help


Usage: lockdrop [options]

  -V, --version                     output the version number
  -b, --balance                     Get the total balance across all locks
  -l, --lock                        Lock ETH with the lockdrop
  -s, --signal <contractAddress>    Signal a contract balance in the lockdrop
  -n, --nonce <nonce>               Transaction nonce that created a specific contract address
  -u, --unlock <contractAddress>    Unlock ETH from a specific lock contract
  -r, --remoteUrl <url>             The remote URL of an Ethereum node (defaults to localhost:8545)
  --unlockAll                       Unlock all locks from the locally stored Ethereum address
  --lockdropContractAddress <addr>  The Ethereum address for the target Lockdrop (THIS IS A LOCKDROP CONTRACT)
  --allocation                      Get the allocation for the current set of lockers
  --ending                          Get the remaining time of the lockdrop
  --lockLength <length>             The desired lock length - (3, 6, or 12)
  --lockValue <value>               The amount of Ether to lock
  --edgeAddress <address>           Edgeware ED25519 Base58 encoded address
  --isValidator                     A boolean flag indicating intent to be a validator
  --locksForAddress <userAddress>   Returns the history of lock contracts for a participant in the lockdrop
  -h, --help                        output usage information

Edgeware blockchain

To align incentives, the Edgeware network will be launched with a lockdrop of EDG tokens to Ether holders. A lockdrop happens where token holders on one network timelock their tokens for a certain amount of time — all executed within a smart contract. Ether holders are able to lock their tokens for as short as 3 months or as long as one year. With longer timelocks corresponding to receiving proportionally more Edgeware tokens.

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