Prometheus exporter for Windows machines using WMI
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WMI exporter

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Prometheus exporter for Windows machines, using the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).


Name Description Enabled by default
ad Win32_PerfRawData_DirectoryServices_DirectoryServices Active Directory
cpu Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_Processor metrics (cpu usage)
cs Win32_ComputerSystem metrics (system properties, num cpus/total memory)
dns Win32_PerfRawData_DNS_DNS metrics (DNS Server)
hyperv Performance counters for Hyper-V hosts
iis Win32_PerfRawData_W3SVC_WebService IIS metrics
logical_disk Win32_PerfRawData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk metrics (disk I/O)
net Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface metrics (network interface I/O)
msmq Win32_PerfRawData_MSMQ_MSMQQueue metrics (MSMQ/journal count)
mssql various SQL Server Performance Objects metrics
os Win32_OperatingSystem metrics (memory, processes, users)
process Win32_PerfRawData_PerfProc_Process metrics (per-process stats)
service Win32_Service metrics (service states)
system Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_System metrics (system calls)
tcp Win32_PerfRawData_Tcpip_TCPv4 metrics (tcp connections)
textfile Read prometheus metrics from a text file
vmware Performance counters installed by the Vmware Guest agent

The HELP texts shows the WMI data source, please see MSDN documentation for details.


The latest release can be downloaded from the releases page.

Each release provides a .msi installer. The installer will setup the WMI Exporter as a Windows service, as well as create an exception in the Windows Firewall.

If the installer is run without any parameters, the exporter will run with default settings for enabled collectors, ports, etc. The following parameters are available:

Name Description
ENABLED_COLLECTORS As the --collectors.enabled flag, provide a comma-separated list of enabled collectors
LISTEN_ADDR The IP address to bind to. Defaults to
LISTEN_PORT The port to bind to. Defaults to 9182.
METRICS_PATH The path at which to serve metrics. Defaults to /metrics
TEXTFILE_DIR As the flag, provide a directory to read text files with metrics from

Parameters are sent to the installer via msiexec. Example invocation:

msiexec /i <path-to-msi-file> ENABLED_COLLECTORS=os,iis LISTEN_PORT=5000


See open issues


go get -u
go get -u
go get -u
cd $env:GOPATH/src/
promu build -v .

The prometheus metrics will be exposed on localhost:9182


Enable only service collector and specify a custom query

.\wmi_exporter.exe --collectors.enabled "service" "Name='wmi_exporter'"

Enable only process collector and specify a custom query

.\wmi_exporter.exe --collectors.enabled "process" --collector.process.processes-where "Name LIKE 'firefox%'"

When there are multiple processes with the same name, WMI represents those after the first instance as process-name#index. So to get them all, rather than just the first one, the query needs to be a wildcard search using a % character.

Please note that in Windows batch scripts (and when using the cmd command prompt), the % character is reserved, so it has to be escaped with another %. For example, the wildcard syntax for searching for all firefox processes is firefox%%.


Under MIT