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Material for HS10X Oscilloscope Built

Devices introduction:

Schematic files (.diy)

These files can be opened with DIYLC editor. You can use it to easily check how to arrange the components according your own setup. Click here to get the latest version of the editor for all platforms.

Firmware (.bin)

Universal Firmware for HS101 and HS102 and all input versions. Device and Input type can be configured within HScope Settings.



Stable Version.

V5 (in Test):

  • Added new Input Types: DUAL and PRO
  • Added hardware AC/DC coupling option, possible for all models
  • Added 1KHz square wave generation option for reference and HS101 PRO calibration
  • Reduced noise for all models
  • Higher sampling rates
    Not released:
  • Fixed bug to let it work on Android 4.4

These files are part of HScope Project.

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