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0.9.17 a new outlet interface can be used to process meteo station data
directly. In contrast to the map interface, the data is pushed
to a file or into a pipe by the meteopoll process every minute.

0.9.15 new interface which allows to read current readings from the console
to display on the web page. The new -m option to meteopoll makes
sure current data is written to a file (the argument to the option)
in XML format. Since updates to this file are very frequent, one
should read the file atomically, one should use the meteomap program
to read the data.
fix of a nasty bug in the week label code, causing navigation failure
at week resolution in some cases

0.9.14 gallery files included as samples
can now compute sunrise and sunset (through meteosunriset and

0.9.13 minor bug in meteobrowser.php
gallery pages

0.9.12 some minor fixes, plus a security fix: remote code execution in
meteobrowser.php because of missing escapeshellcmd

0.9.11 some bug fixes for GroWeather

0.9.10 turn of CRC0 for GroWeather and possibly other type E weatherlinks.

0.9.9 A hack to protect from IE reading the complete meteobrowser.php
space offline

0.9.8 fixes a integer overflow bug: to compute the time labels for the
maps, used the formular (start + end)/2, but since
about the middle of january, this causes an overflow, so that the
target ends up in february 1936. Replace that by start/2 + end/2.

0.9.7 some bug fixes
removal of offset configuration variable
added averages configuration in XML file, so the user now gets full
control about which averages are compute, and how
battery and transmitter fields now work
sunrise and sunset can also be stored in the database (this is a
waste of space, but who cares about a few gibabytes these
added channel of type sun, which indicates the time during which
the sun is above the horizon

0.9.6 some bug fixes
removal of header table

0.9.5 some minor fixes

(for further news please check the ChangeLog)

0.9.0 Major rewrite of many aspects of meteo sponsored by the University
Univates in Lajeado in Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil. Further
contributions: Jeff Wabik (new derived value computations).

$Id: NEWS,v 1.32 2009/01/10 19:00:23 afm Exp $
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