Installation Instructions

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The bootstrap Mist code should run on any Pharo 3.0 platform, but the resulting compiled executables will run only on 64-bit Linux.

Start with Pharo 3.0:

Mist is loaded from GitHub using the Metacello scripting API, which is now included in Pharo. So loading Mist is now as simple as executing:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Mist';
  repository: 'github://martinmcclure/mist:master/packages';
  load: 'Tests'.

You now have Mist loaded. You can now use the TestRunner to run the Mist tests.

As of early 2015, the tests are in the package Mist-Tests, and all tests are passing except the MistClassesTest. Development is underway to provide the functionality to make that one pass. The passing tests are based on a series of primitive Mist methods that are on the class side of MistImageTests. Each program has a MistImageTests method that compiles the primitive into a small image and executes the image, and a disassembler test that makes sure the method disassembles correctly.

There is also an implementation design document in the GitHub checkout. You can get it through Git, or if you installed using the directions above, it will be in a directory within your Pharo installation with a name like github-cache/martinmcclure/mist/master/martinmcclure-mist-d6f84c3/documentation. The SHA will, of course, change as commits are made to the repository.