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Starter Project for TypeScript Modules
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This is a starter project for those interested in creating some module that they have intentions on publishing. Created with TypeScript, Babel 7, and Webpack


yarn start

Starts a local server for developing purpose. Does 3 things in parallel:

  1. Runs tsc in watch mode, which is responsible for only creating the TypeScript definitions (d.ts) files.
  2. Runs babel in watch mode, responsible for transpiling the TypeScript files into JavaScript
  3. Runs webpack in watch mode, which compiles all the transpiled JavaScript files into one root index.js

yarn build

Runs all the same 3 commands from yarn start but not in watch mode.

When this command finishes, you'll have transpiled files located in the lib directory, along with index.js and index.d.ts files in the root of the project.

yarn test

Runs the Jest test suite on any files ending in test.{ts|js|tsx|jsx} or inside a __test__ directory

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