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iOS 9 notes

Personal favorites from WWDC 2015.



  • UIStackView is a new view to make it easier to layout subviews in vertical or horizontal stacks - or any combination of the two, nested together. Litte Bites of Cocoa has a pretty nice example. There's also a nice video from WWDC 2015 that also contains nice run through of Auto Layout "mysteries" and a little clarity with best practices.
  • New localization API to query the text direction of the current user added to UIView
  • UILayoutGuide: No more dummy views to reserve a rectangular space that can interact with Auto Layout.
  • UICollectionView re-ordering supported natively!


Apple Pay + PassKit (Wallet)


Swift 2

  • Open Source !!!

  • Swift 2 migration tool in Xcode 7

    Xcode 7 includes a powerful migrator that will help convert your application and playground code to work with the latest syntax improvements in Swift 2.0.


guard let name = person["name"] else {


if #available(iOS 9, OSX 10.10, *) {
    // Use iOS 9 APIs on iOS, and use OS X v10.10 APIs on OS X
} else {
    // Fall back to earlier iOS and OS X APIs

Protocol extensions (with constraints)

extension CollectionType where Generator.Element : TextRepresentable {
    func asList() -> String {
        return "(" + ", ".join(map({$0.asText()})) + ")"

Error handling

func loadData() throws { }

func test() {
	do {
		���try loadData()
	} catch {