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Simple Banner Rotation App for Django

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Banner Rotation App for Django.

  • Tracks clicks and views.
  • Supports the weight of the banner, banners with large weight are shown more often.
  • You can create ad campaigns.


Get the code via git:

git clone git:// django-banner-rotator

Add the django-banner-rotator/banner_rotator folder to your PYTHONPATH.

Edit to




Edit to

urlpatterns = patterns('',

    url(r'^banner_rotator/', include('banner_rotator.urls')),


Add the template:

{% load banners %}
{% banner place-slug %}


{% load banners %}
{% banner place-slug as banner %}
{% if banner %}
    <a href="{% url banner_click %}?place_slug=place-slug"><img src="{{ banner.file.url }}" alt=""/></a>
{% endif %}
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