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another fix for the keys list syntax

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1 parent ce18338 commit caa1e289a6c64654039ffe854a960e6135041dcc @nicferrier nicferrier committed Jul 11, 2012
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@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ or you could add a post init hook to do that to your `init.el`:
The keys, which are defined in `cycbuf-init` are:
-`meta right cycbuf-switch-to-next-buffer`
+ meta right cycbuf-switch-to-next-buffer
-`meta left cycbuf-switch-to-previous-buffer`
+ meta left cycbuf-switch-to-previous-buffer
-`meta super right cycbuf-switch-to-next-buffer-no-timeout`
+ meta super right cycbuf-switch-to-next-buffer-no-timeout
-`meta super left cycbuf-switch-to-previous-buffer-no-timeout`
+ meta super left cycbuf-switch-to-previous-buffer-no-timeout

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