Tool for generating N-dimensional histograms from raw data
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A tool to generate histograms out of sampled data.

It can be used like a normal unix filter, that is, it reads from stdin and
writes to stdout.

There is also raw output available for two-dimensional
data, using the --raw8 resp. --raw16 switches.  This is useful for
visualization purposes.  E.g., these images can be used as a height-map
for povray.

Using 'convert', this data can be converted to a
image-program--viewable format:
 $> convert -flip -depth 8 -size 1000x1000 gray:test.raw test.pgm

Adapt as needed (depth, resolution, and file format), flip brings
the (0, 0) corner to the lower left corner of the resulting image.
For raw output the first row in the input data is used as the
x-axis in raw output data.