Collection of tools for comparing and mergin ics calendar files
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A collection of small tools for comparing and mergin ics calendar files.

The two wrapper scripts and rely on the
python program to generate a normalized view of calendar
files before starting an external compare / merge tool.

They also filter out typically conflicting lines in the ics files,
like time stamps for the container files.  Those are regenerated for
the merged file.

Also typical violations of the ics standard are taken out (illegal
timestamps from before 1900 typically created by korganizer and
outlook).  Otherwise the underlying python library for parsing the ics
files chokes.


I use those scripts for syncing my calendar files between several
machines.  They also live in a git repository.  Above mentioned
scripts are used as merge tool for git:

.gitattributes contains this line:
*.ics merge=git-merge-ics

They can also be used for manual comparison and merging, obviously.


The python tools needs the icalendar library from here: