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# Copyright 2010 by Martin Pohlack  <martinp (at) gmx.de>

This is a testing framework for org-mode.

The test framework contains some scripts and driving files which are
equal for each test.  They are located in "framework":

* framework.el
  Some lisp helping functions, calls into test-specific stuff.
* generalize_output.sh
  A filter for generalizing test output to allow better comparing of
  actual and desired results.
* run_test.sh
  Driver script for starting emacs, post-processing output etc.

Each test comprises unique files that determine the actual test runs.
They are located in the "input" directory of each test:

* init.el
  Test-specific setup for org-mode
* actions.el
  Test-specific list of commands to execute
* input.org
  The org-mode file to run the command sequence on
* expected_output.org
  This is what one expects to get as output file after applying
  actions.el on input.org
* expected_visual.org
  This is what one expects to see visually in a buffer after applying
  actions.el on input.org

The test run will produce several output files, which are generated in
the corresponding "results" directory:

* output.org
  The actual output file generated by a test run
* visual.org
  The actual visual buffer representation generated by a test run

* *.f
  Some filtered files used for removing too specific details from the
  expected and captured output files.

* *.diff
  Differences seen between expected and visual output.  If these files
  are of size zero, everything worked as expected.