Playground for open source JavaCard applets! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
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Applet Playground Build Status

AppletPlayground is an educational repository for getting to know JavaCard development by learning from existing open source software.

It includes various open source applets from the internet, bundled into ready to use package. Everything you need to edit, compile and load the applets to real JavaCard-s or test with an emulator.

Time to experiment!

Experiments! Mad Genius Vector by (CC 3.0 Attribution Non-Commercial)

Included applets

Note: applets marked with * have obvious blocking errors (missing casts from int to short for 2.2.X target) removed from source.


The above applets and the overall package comes "AS-IS". I make no claims about the feasibility, usability, security, correctness whatsoever of the whole package or any of the components. Use at your own risk. Everything here is only for educational purposes.

What you need ?

* you can work with source code without a card and reader, but for actual testing having one is preferable.

Included extras:

  • ant-javacard - for building CAP files (MIT)
  • GlobalPlatformPro - for loading the applets to the card (LGPL3)
  • JavaCard SDK 2.2.2 and 3.0.3 (Oracle-owns-you-and-your-grandma license)

How to use

  • Import this project from Git (or directly into Eclipse) and execute the "toys" ANT target.
  • Or use command line and issue ant
  • Use the included GlobalPlatform utility to load any of the generated applets (.cap files) to a card

In the pipeline: