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set -ex
if ! [ -d ${build_dir} ]; then
svn co ${build_dir}
mkdir -p ${build_dir}/sources
# build a fresh targzip
rm -f opensc-*.tar.gz
make dist
rm -f ${build_dir}/sources/opensc*.tar.gz
cp opensc-0.12.*.tar.gz ${build_dir}/sources/
# use mingw to generate binaries
(cd ${build_dir}; CHOST=i586-mingw32msvc CBUILD=i686-pc-linux-gnu ./build)
# Copy files
cp ${build_dir}/image/opensc/etc/opensc.conf win32
mkdir -p win32/opensc
cp ${build_dir}/image/opensc/bin/*.dll ${build_dir}/image/opensc/bin/*.exe win32/opensc
cp ${build_dir}/image/opensc/share/opensc/*.profile win32/opensc
mkdir -p win32/engine_pkcs11
cp ${build_dir}/image/engine_pkcs11/bin/libp11-1.dll ${build_dir}/image/engine_pkcs11/lib/engines/engine_pkcs11.dll win32/engine_pkcs11
# Build installer
wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Inno\ Setup\ 5/ISCC.exe win32/OpenSC.iss
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