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Request throttling middleware for the elli webserver

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Throttling Middleware for Elli

This middleware provides request throttling to limit the number of requests a given peer may perform per hour/day.

The peer will be identified by its IP address or by a user-supplied identity function. Among other things, this opens the possibility to throttle by path or throttle a service over all clients.


This is still work in progress with a very basic set of functionality. Get in touch if you would like to see additional use cases implemented.


Use it together with the Elli webserver like this:

-export([start_link/0, identity_fun/1]).

start_link() ->
    ThrottleConfig = [
                      {hourly_limit, 3600},   %% (default)
                      {daily_limit , 86400},  %% (default)
                      {identity_fun, fun my_elli_stuff:identity_fun/1}

    Config = [
              {mods, [
                      {elli_throttle, ThrottleConfig},
                      {elli_example_callback, []}

    elli:start_link([{callback, elli_middleware},
                     {callback_args, Config}]).

identity_fun(Req) -> elli_request:peer(Req).  %% (default)
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