Programming exercise/presentation for the Fun-Club meetup on 2013-02-28
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here is the task:

You'll be given a simple textfile written in English language (like this one:

Your task is to write a litte program that counts the occurences of words and print the 10 most frequent words with their number of occurences to stdout, like so (numbers are not correct!):

$ mysolution < moby-dic.txt
the: 50123
of: 10236
and: 9999
to: 4024
a: 3901
in: 2561
that: 2400
i: 2331
was: 2114
he: 1738

What is a word?
- we'll assume that a word consists just of the the characters from a-z
- we don't distinguish uppercase and lowercase, so it's okay to convert everything to lowercase
- everything that is not in a-z can be considered a word boundary, so it's easiert for you to deal with commas, colons and the like.

What is the minimal requirement?
1. Write a minimal solution in your language that solves the task for the moby-dic.txt
2. Make your solution presentable (comment your source or prepare a little slide)
3. Be able to explain in a few sentences
- how your solution works
- what dependencies it has (non standard libraries etc)
- in what way your solution benefits from something special about your language
- and what its drawbacks are (if there are any)

What else can be done (optional)?
- Benchmark your solution in regards of time consumption. Either use the time command (man time) or even show us how to benchmark in your language.
- What is your solution spending time with? IO? Garbage collection?
- Improve that.
- Benchmark again...

Memory consumption:
- It is fine to read moby-dic.txt all at one into memory, but what if we give you a corpus that does exceed your machines memory? Fix this. Tell us about.
- Since this is functional programming: What datastructure did you use? Is it functional? Does it trigger heavy allocation and garbage collection? Find out and tell us about.