A simple java command line application for Amazon Glacier
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A simple java command line application for Amazon Glacier.

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How to run

You need a file named aws.properties with 2 lines:


When running the uploader, specify the path to this file with --credentials /path/to/aws.properties. If you don't specify this option, the default is to search for the file in javas user.home directory.


You'll call the tool like this:

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com --vault myvaultname --file /path/to/my/file.zip

Starting to upload file.zip...
Using endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
Starting upload of file.zip
Uploaded archive j7UL7pH46FJGhoAxNVDsdjhHs_GLSKGLd12Dq44dfiyTciW6DSCQubctUFEZ4nKWPrJzv_YoxPVK_TfdAuMCxiQIE3_zEGDg84luI0-tzWMusdfjKHG2ILuhJhK5PySOOaw

This will return an archive id which you can use to retrieve the archive again later.

List inventory

java -jarglacieruploader.jar --endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com --vault myvaultname --list-inventory
Listing inventory for vault myvaultname...
Inventory Job ID=8yM9rC4RvSKW5QlXdsglkjJHDFGPMSQyZA2CjhpIWgw2AE4lyyIU87uZz2d-b8eoKrCbGehR4vj5dfHiKPA9Zj5

This will give you a job ID for the inventory listing of the vault. After the job is completed, you can retrieve the listing.

Retrieve inventory listing

java -jarglacieruploader.jar --endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com --vault myvaultname --list-inventory yourjobidfromthepreviousstep
Retrieving inventory for job id 8yM9rC4RvSKW5QlXdsglkjJHDFGPMSQyZA2CjhpIWgw2AE4lyyIU87uZz2d-b8eoKrCbGehR4vj5dfHiKPA9Zj5...
Using endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com

Download archive

java -jar glacieruploader.jar --endpoint https://glacier.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com --vault myvaultname --download myarchiveid

This will retrieve the archive.

This is not working for me. What should I do?

Go to my Issues page and add a new issue with a nice report about what's failing for you. Try to provide enough information so I can help you out and fix the error for everyone. It might be a good idea to check for existing issues before reporting a new one.

And as always, you can fork me and fix the error yourself. :-)