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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="HtmlUnitTestrunner" default="install" basedir=".">
<property name="src" location="src"/> <!-- java source folder -->
<property name="bin" location="bin"/> <!-- intermediate build products -->
<property name="jars" location="jars"/> <!-- jar files -->
<property name="lib" location="lib"/> <!-- local libraries linked against -->
<property name="dist" location="dist"/> <!-- build product location -->
<property name="resources" location="resources"/> <!-- location of general java resources -->
<property name="resources_macosx" location="resources_macosx"/> <!-- location of Mac OS X specific resources -->
<property name="compile.debug" value="true"/>
<!-- lib directory should contain any pre-built jar files needed to build the project -->
<fileset id="lib.jars" dir="${lib}">
<include name="**/*.jar"/>
<path id="lib.path">
<fileset refid="lib.jars"/>
<!-- Initialization target, for any prelimary setup needed to build -->
<target name="init" description="Preparation">
<mkdir dir="${src}"/>
<mkdir dir="${lib}"/>
<target name="compile" depends="init" description="Compile code">
<mkdir dir="${bin}"/>
<javac deprecation="on" srcdir="${src}" destdir="${bin}"
source="1.3" target="1.2"
classpathref="lib.path" debug="${compile.debug}">
<target name="jar" depends="compile" description="Build jar">
<mkdir dir="${jars}"/>
<jar jarfile="${jars}/${}.jar" basedir="${bin}" manifest="${resources}/Manifest">
<!-- Inject resources -->
<fileset dir="${resources}/"
<!-- Merge library jars into final jar file -->
<zipgroupfileset refid="lib.jars"/>
<target name="install" depends="jar" description="Put all the pieces together in the dist directory">
<mkdir dir="${dist}"/>
<!-- Copy jars -->
<copy toDir="${dist}">
<fileset dir="${jars}">
<include name="*.jar"/>
<target name="run" depends="install" description="Run the tool">
<java classname="${}" classpath="${bin}" fork="true">
<target name="clean" description="Remove build and dist directories">
<delete dir="${bin}"/>
<delete dir="${jars}"/>
<delete dir="${dist}"/>