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Issues & Tasks


  • make it personal -- this is my blog after all
  • Contact page (get in touch)
  • improve styling (focus on header)

Can do

  • (have separate project pages for the OS projects) -- might be a single page with references to other sites for now

  • code in external files and include them (--> let's me do syntax check et al)

  • Featured projects/articles -- whatever; in sidebar

  • Fork me on Github

  • Recommend me on WWR

  • Gravatar for author

  • Link author name to some public profile (XING / Github, ...)

  • Social blah buttons for articles

  • rake article:new title="..." task

  • show public schedule from Google calendar

  • Delicious feed

  • Twitter feed

  • Github feed


    Tweet<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


  • improve mobile style
  • avoid duplicate meta descriptions (+keywords?)
  • Feedburner integration ok: just set new feed source on Feedburner to /feed/atom.xml
  • provide URL schema compatible with my legagy content (/YYYY/MM/DD//) -> this can be achieved relatively easily by using the same folder structure
  • add keyword + description headers %meta(name="keywords" content="#{keywords}") # list all tags here %meta(name="description" content="#{@item[:excerpt]}") # unless
  • rake publish task