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One of several Mongrel2/Rack handlers you're liable to try.
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The only Mongrel2 Rack handler you'll ever need.

I wrote this because I wanted to learn Mongrel2, and I didn't like what was out there. I copy-pasted a lot of code from Colin Curtin's m2r project (, but I also changed and reorganized it into what I believe is a good setup for a proper rubygem.

How to use

  1. Get mongrel2 installed (
  2. Get your config for mongrel2 setup (see example directory)
  3. Add it to your Gemfile

    gem 'rack-mongrel2', '~> 0.2.0', :require => nil

  4. You also need some sort of JSON parsing library installed, like Yajl or JSON (gem i yajl-ruby or gem i json). json-jruby will work too

  5. Run Mongrel2
  6. Run your rails application

    RACK_MONGREL2_UUID= rails s Mongrel2

  7. Profit!

Check out the blog post too:


Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Commit, do not mess with rakefile, version, or history. (if you want to have your own version, that is fine but bump version in a commit by itself I can ignore when I pull)
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Copyright (c) 2010 Daniel Huckstep. See LICENSE for details.

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