IDE for C embedded development centered on bare-metal ARM systems
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Signed-off-by: Martin Ribelotta <>
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Embedded IDE

Makefile based, C/C++ IDE

Main Screen


  • Syntax highlighter (C/C++/Makefile)
  • Autocomplete (requires clang installed on path)
  • Target autodiscover
  • Source filter
  • Project import/export
  • Console log


  • GNU Make (required)
  • Qt5
  • clang (optional for autocompletion)
  • diff and patch (optional for import/export project)
  • ctags (optional for code indexing)


To compile and install IDE you need Qt5 (5.2 or later) and make/gcc (build-essential en Ubuntu and derived)

In base directory run:

qmake && make

When the process is finished, the executable is in build directory with the name embedded-ide (with EXE extention on windows)

To install it into the system copy build/embedded-ide to directory into the PATH

Install dependencies

The full toolset installation (for ubuntu and derivatives) is:

sudo apt-get install clang diffutils patch ctags make

Additionally you need a compiler to work correctly. All gcc based compilers are supported, such as:

Adding tools to the PATH

In order to find utilities, you need to add them to the PATH, but doing it globally is dangerous in certain cases (Example, windows with multiple toolchains with similar names)

Alternatively, the IDE provides an Additional PATHs feature to configure the PATH only for IDE and not for the entire system.

Go to Configure icon and next go to Tools tab.

Into Additional PATHs section you can add multiple directories. The list is append to system PATH at runtime in top-to-bottom order.