Some tooling to be used for Angular i18n workflows
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Some tooling to be used for Angular i18n workflows.

This page contains just a very short description about the installation process and usage. For details have a look at the Tutorial for using xliffmerge contained in the Wiki pages.


This is a monorepo containing projects

  • tooling Schematics for adding @ngx-i18nsupport to your projects
  • xliffmerge The command line tool that does all the magic
  • ngx-i18nsupport-lib A library to support working with xliff 1.2, xliff 2.0 and xmb/xtb file
Project Package Version
tooling @ngx-i18nsupport/tooling npm
xliffmerge @ngx-i18nsupport/xliffmerge npm
ngx-i18nsupport-lib @ngx-i18nsupport/ngx-i18nsupport-lib npm