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Releases: martinrotter/rssguard

Development builds

08 Dec 13:28
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Development builds Pre-release

These development builds are here for EXPERIMENTING. Things will break and your data will burn in hell. You have been warned!!!

These development builds are automatically compiled from latest sources immediately after each source code change is made and always include newest features and bug fixes.

** Individual "devbuild" releases are NOT cross-compatible between each other. This is usually because when I do upgrade internal database structures I do it gradually over several commits. **


31 May 06:52
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  • Some non-lite installation packages were wrongly named. (#1426)
  • Plugins were loaded multiple times. (#1427)


29 May 11:03
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OK, this is mainly bug-fix release. In the close future (months), expect only bug-fixing releases. Again, we need to make RSS Guard rock stable.


  • Nothing really.


  • Fixed detection of plugins which was broken due to wrong plugin search path. (#1416, #1420)
  • If "Show unread only" article list filter is active and you select article (which then gets marked read) and then feed is fetched, currently selected article does not suddenly disappear from the list. (#1415)
  • Selected "style" was disappearing from settings dialog even thought it was correctly saved into settings. (#1408)
  • Right-clicking article selects it (and displays its contents) but does not modify read/unread state. This behavior was corrupted in previous release, therefore we just return to old good behavior. (#1410)
  • XML parser now allows leading and trailing blank lines when loading XML of feeds. (#1403)
  • Date/time parsing was further enhanced, although there are some connected issues which will be hunted in the future.
  • Qt5/Windows builds will use only qtmultimedia media player backend because libmpv dropped Windows 7 support.
  • Fixed "About" dialog RSS Guard information formatting.


14 May 06:17
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OK, dear users. Over recent releases, many features were added and as you can see RSS Guard bug tracker is full of (semi) bug reports which need to be addressed. Therefore I must declare feature-freeze for at least three upcoming releases. No new features will be added in forthcoming future, because RSS Guard codebase must be de-bugged and stabilized first. I will keep my word this time and no feature requests will be implemented.

Sole focus will be on fixing bugs and polish existing features and clean codebase. The other reason for this is also that lately my free time had become much much more limited for many reasons - family, other hobbies, work around house etc.


  • Full article content can now be fetched with a single button. Button is placed in article viewer toolbar right next to "Reader mode" button. This feature (just as "reader mode" feature) requires Node.js installation. The feature works both for articles and for regular websites opened in embedded web browser.
  • Article now can be marked (upon selection) as read with delay or only manually. (#1017)
  • All RSS Guard plugins/services are now placed in their own library (DLL/SO/DYLIB) files and are loaded by main RSS Guard library dynamically. This means that unused services can now be removed from RSS Guard installation if not used by the user. Also it allows for a cleaner and slimmer common codebase. Refactoring of main RSS Guard library was also done and it is now more usable as regular dynamic-link library. I expect some regressions as this was HUGE change. Also, this change allows new potential interested people in writing new plugins easier as they now can just copy one of existing plugins and tweak for new service. Also this change now propagates to RSS Guard installer which allows you to only install plugins/services you want.
  • Application (Qt) style and icon theme now can be properly set to respect system style/icons and this setting is dynamic, meaning if you change system theme and restart RSS Guard, new theme is honored. (#1352)
  • Button to copy system/app information to "About..." dialog. (#1318)
  • All modal dialogs now remember their sizes forever. (#1336)


  • Removed debugging forgotten code. (#1354)
  • "Cleanup" button in downloader was greyed out when it should not be. (#1350)
  • App crashes when changing notification sound. (#1317)
  • Built-in user-agent was updated. You can also supply your own user-agent, see rssguard.exe --help for more info.


15 Mar 07:13
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Some fixes in this release.


14 Mar 09:54
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One bigger new thing, dear users: I decided to start implementing brand new purely command line only version of RSS Guard to allow running RSS Guard in headless/CLI environments like servers. It will likely work like this:

  1. You run regular variant of RSS Guard and setup your feeds, how often they fetch like you normally do when running classic GUI RSS Guard.
  2. You then can launch new CLI-only RSS Guard executable perhaps on your server (or elsewhere) and it will load your settings/database and will perform article fetching regularly.


  • Existing read/unread state is respected when some article gets "updated" (infamously happens for YouTube feeds). (#1279)
  • NSIS installer was bit tweaked to warn about MSVC runtime. (#1306)
  • iCalendar files (*.ics, *.ical) are now supported. Note that the support is rather basic.
  • Added more ways of limitting amount of articles in each feed. (#1270, #1267)
  • Added way to use old legacy article formatting in "lite" version. (#1286)
  • New way of fetching articles - new "Source" -> "Built-in web browser with JavaScript support" which allows user to use built-in Chromium-based network stack to fetch feeds and other data. It allows even fetching of majority of JavaScript-powered websites. (#1313)
  • More date/time strings for parsing some dates and times in articles.
  • "Title" column in article list is not directly resizable too. Last visible column auto-stretches to fit remaining space. (#1319)


  • Fix freezing when feed uses crazy crazy loooong URL.
  • Fix crash when forwarding e-mail via Gmail plugin.
  • Add forgotten restriction when cleaning data. (a975714)
  • ETag conditional loading of feeds was semi-broken. (#1314, #1296)
  • All Unicode characters in feed URLs are now supported. (#1310)
  • Reader mode was changing content for all opened browser tabs. (#1300)
  • Some articles were displayed with broken HTML. (#1293)
  • Size/position of all windows (including modal dialogs) is now guarded to not be out-of-screen-bounds. (#1281)
  • No more crashes when adding some discovered feeds. (#1280)
  • Main window pesky splitters saved with 0 position. (#1271)


15 Dec 12:17
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Dear users, there are new features which will be introduced in one of coming releases.

First of them is built-in HTTP API server which will provide basic REST-like interface for working with RSS Guard - getting list of articles, marking articles read or unread, etc. This will allow to use RSS Guard as a article server in local network.

In cooperation with the above feature, new "magazine view" will be implemented. This magazine view will be launchable even completely separately from RSS Guard in web browser and will be able to act as very simple web-based feed/article reader. It will fetch data directly from RSS Guard via its new web API and will display articles including their thumbnails in cool way. This feature will be also expanded in the future, based on user feedback.


  • Lite internal web browser now properly decodes all HTML pages according to their declared encoding. (9c7f550)
  • Image downscaling in lite browser is faster. (8b91d47)
  • Icon for classic RSS/ATOM accounts is now changeable. (#695)
  • If main window is active then "fetching started" notifications are not delivered. (#597)
  • Number of child feed/categories is now shown for each category. (#1183)


  • MPV libs were moved to separate Git submodule. (#1250)
  • Applied workaround to fix PC not sleeping after sound is played. (#1118)
  • Fixed problem with disappearing tabs.


08 Dec 08:31
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This release fixes couple of issues found after 4.6.0/4.6.1 releases.


  • Fixed "Browse" button not working in "Media player" tab of settings dialog. (#1245)
  • Was crashing on Linux. (#1244)


07 Dec 13:27
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Just build fix. It now should build allright.


07 Dec 08:48
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This feature brings one major feature - podcast/media player. This media player is available when you open context menu for any hyperlink in article which you think leads to audio/video file. Simply right-mouse-click your link and select "Play in media player", then media player will open in next tab and start playing.

Full versions of RSS Guard (with QtWebEngine) include libmpv-based media player which can play basically every thinkable audio/video content. Windows build of RSS Guard even bundles yt-dlp binary to allow out-of-box support for Youtube playback.

Lite variants of RSS Guard include slightly lighter QtMultimedia/ffmpeg-based media player, which also can play many audio/video formats.

Qt5-based lite variants of RSS Guard will likely require you to install some system-wide codec pack.



  • Media/podcast player capabilities. See above for more information.
  • Indication of which feed is actually fetching at the moment can be enabled in settings. (#1203)
  • Newspaper view was removed as it was slow and very buggy. It might be replaced by something better in the future.
  • Sections of settings now have icons.
  • Docs updated.
  • Layout of articles in default nudus-* skins was unified for full/lite versions. Formatting is now very similar.
  • Image size/wrapping behavior was greatly improved in article viewer, particularly in lite version.


  • Context menus in both full/lite article viewer are now more similar.
  • Fixed crashing when editing e-mail via Gmail plugin. (76c7dd1)
  • No more warning journal messages generated on Linux. (#1207)
  • Updated and fixed some languages. (#1205)