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@martinrotter martinrotter released this Dec 16, 2019


  • Brand new sidebar "Character Map" which offers traditional character map functionality.
    Note that this character map offers ALL Unicode characters, not just first plane.
    It is also searchable.
  • Text search function can now wrap around.
  • External tools now can just insert or replace selected text with their output.
  • Fix *.lnk file handling on Windows. If user opens *.lnk pointing to file, then the
    target file is opened. Also, handling of linked folders is fixed with Qt's native
    open file dialog.
  • New PHP-only lexer.


  • Added some more substyles for some lexers, updated substyles of
    built-in color schemes.
  • "Markdown Preview" now uses md4c library ( which is more up-to-date.
  • HTML lexer now handles HTML5 keywords.
  • Scintilla is now directly incorporated into the source tree
    and its version is updated to 4.2.2.
  • Persistent DateTime format setting for external tool. Setting is now changeable in
    "Settings" -> "Editor".
  • DateTime tools now follow SYSTEM locale specifics.
  • Some translations added or synced.
  • Prebuilt Windows binaries now use update Qt library.
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