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Port of gl-matrix - Dart Matrix and Vector library for High Performance WebGL apps based on

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Martin Sikora authored

This library is deprecated, please switch to vector_math which is much better optimized and is in active development.

gl-matrix for Dart

This is port of gl-matrix JavaScript matrix and vector library for high performance WebGL apps (original repo).

It's not complete, there are just Vector3 and Matrix4 fully implemented at this moment and I'm not sure I didn't make any bugs while rewriting to Dart (when I see some unit testing library for Dart I'll add tests). Also it's performance might not be the same like original pure JavaScript implementation because this port is object-oriented. I'll try to keep it more-or-less up to date but feel free to fork and send pull requests anytime.

I hope this library is only temporary. Dart at this moment doesn't support combining pure JavaScript with Dart code but hopefuly it's one of the upcoming features

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