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jQuery element placer 1.0

A nifty little helper that enables you to place elements into a viewport in a way that they will always appear within the desired viewport. This is extremely useful in combination with various pop-up overlays and tooltips which can have a variable width and height.

Copyright (c) 2010 Martin Tajur ( Licensed under the GPL license and MIT:

Usage examples

$('.element').place({ top: 400, left: 400 });
$('.element').place({ top: 400, left: 400, area: 'document' });


  • top: desired top offset of the placeable element in pixels (default 20)
  • left: desired left offset of the placeable element in pixels (default 20)
  • margin: desired margin from the viewport edges in pixels (default 0)
  • area: desired viewport area in which the element should be visible in (either 'window' or 'document', default 'window')