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This repository relates to activities in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). All material in this repository is considered Contributions to the IETF Standards Process, as defined in the intellectual property policies of IETF currently designated as BCP 78, BCP 79 and the IETF Trust Legal Provisions (TLP) Relating to IETF Documents.

Any edit, commit, pull request, issue, comment or other change made to this repository constitutes Contributions to the IETF Standards Process (

You agree to comply with all applicable IETF policies and procedures, including, BCP 78, 79, the TLP, and the TLP rules regarding code components (e.g. being subject to a Simplified BSD License) in Contributions.

Other Resources

Discussion of this work occurs on the {WG_NAME} working group mailing list (subscribe). In addition to contributions in github, you are encouraged to participate in discussions there.

Note: Some working groups adopt a policy whereby substantive discussion of technical issues needs to occur on the mailing list.

You might also like to familiarize yourself with other working group documents.