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(ns mtscheme.interpreter
(:use [mtscheme.parser]))
; -------------------------------------------------------
; util functitons
(def ^{:dynamic true
:doc "Enable debug tracing"}
*debug* (atom false))
; (swap! *debug* (fn [st] (not st)))
(defmacro dprn
"Print string if in debug mode"
[& s]
`(when @*debug*
(println ~@s)))
; (macroexpand '( dprn "kalle" 1 2))
(defn- lookup
"Lookup a key in a stack of environment maps"
[key env]
(letfn [(do-lookup [[fst & rst]]
(if (contains? fst key) ; can't use if-let because lookup value can be false!
(key fst)
(when-not (nil? rst)
(recur rst))))]
(dprn "lookup" key)
(let [r (do-lookup env)]
(if-not (nil? r) ; same if-let thing here
(throw (Exception. (format "unbond symbol %s" key)))))))
; (lookup :c [{:a 1 :b 2} {:c 3}])
(declare _eval)
(defmacro get-evval
"Get the result (and skip the env) of a eval-ed expression"
[exp env]
`(first (_eval ~exp ~env)))
; (macroexpand '(get-evval [:list 1 2] {}))
(defn- core-fn
"Return a 'core' function based on operator f (such as +/-/> etc"
[f name]
(fn [ps env]
(dprn name ps)
(let [vs (map #(let [[r, _] (_eval % env)] r) ps)]
[(reduce f vs) env])))
; -------------------------------------------------------
; eval / apply
(declare _apply)
(defn _eval
"Evaluate an expression with in a given envrionemnt and return the the result and a new environment"
[exp env]
(dprn "eval" exp)
; self-evaluating?
(or (number? exp) (string? exp) (fn? exp)) [exp env]
; var reference to be looked up in env
(keyword? exp) [(lookup exp env) env]
; parsed combinations (function calls)
(vector? exp) (let [[fst & rst] exp
[r e] (_eval fst env)]
(dprn "comb" fst rst "(" r e ")")
; built-in function calls
(fn? r) (_apply r rst e)
; user defined function/lambda calls
(list? r) (let [[args body] r
n (zipmap args (map #(get-evval % e) rst))
new-env (cons n e)]
(_eval body new-env)) ; eval the first form only
:else [exp env]))
:else (throw (Exception. (format "invalid interpreter state %s %s" (str exp) (str env))))))
(defn _apply
"Applies a fn with given args and environment"
[f args env]
(dprn "apply" f args)
(f args env))
; -------------------------------------------------------
; core functions
(defn- _not [[fst & rst] env]
(dprn "not" fst rst)
[(not (get-evval fst env)) env])
(defn- _if [[cond pos neg] env]
(let [r (get-evval cond env)]
(if r
(_eval pos env)
(if-not (nil? neg) ; handle the case when there is no not case
(_eval neg env)
[nil env]))))
(defn- _cond [exps env]
(letfn [(do-exp [[cond pos]]
(dprn "cond-do-exp" cond pos)
(if (= cond :else) ; the special "else" case
[true, (_eval pos env)]
(let [[r, _] (_eval cond env)]
(if r
[true, (_eval pos env)]
[false, nil]))))
(run-exps [[fst & rst]]
(dprn "cond-run-exprs" fst rst)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(let [[status res] (do-exp fst)]
(if status
(recur rst)))
[nil env]))]
(dprn "cond" exps)
(run-exps exps)))
(defn- _cons [[fst snd] env]
(dprn "cons" fst snd)
(let [f (get-evval fst env)
s (get-evval snd env)]
(if (nil? s)
[(list f) env]
(if (seq? s)
[(cons f s) env]
[(list f s) env]))))
(defn- _list [exps env]
(letfn [(do-exps [acc [fst & rst]]
(dprn "list-do-exps" acc fst)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(recur (conj acc (get-evval fst env)) rst)
(dprn "list" exps)
[(seq (do-exps [] exps)) env]))
(defn- _append [exps env]
(letfn [(do-exps [acc [fst & rst]]
(dprn "append-do-exps" acc fst)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(recur (concat acc (get-evval fst env)) rst)
(dprn "append" exps)
[(do-exps [] exps) env]))
(defn- _begin [exps env]
(letfn [(do-exps [[fst & rst] env r]
(dprn "begin-do-exps" fst rst env)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(let [[r e] (_eval fst env)]
(recur rst e r))
[r env]))]
(dprn "begin" exps)
(do-exps exps env nil)))
(defn- _car [[fst] env]
(dprn "car" fst)
[(first (get-evval fst env)) env])
(defn- _cdr [[fst] env]
(dprn "cdr" fst)
[(rest (get-evval fst env)) env])
(defn- _null [[fst] env]
(dprn "null?" fst)
(let [r (get-evval fst env)]
[(or (nil? r) (empty? r)) env]))
(defn- _let [[binds body] env]
(letfn [(do-bind [acc [fst & rst]]
(dprn "let-do-bind" acc fst rst)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(let [[name val] fst]
(recur (assoc acc name (get-evval val env)) rst))
(dprn "let" binds body)
(let [nenv (cons (do-bind {} binds) env)]
(dprn "let-body" body nenv)
[(get-evval body nenv) env])))
(defn- _display [[fst] env]
(dprn "display" fst)
(println (get-evval fst env))
[nil env])
(defn- _newline [[fst] env]
(dprn "newline" fst)
(println "")
[nil env])
(defn- _define [[name exp] env]
(dprn "define" name exp)
(if (vector? name)
; defining a function
(let [[f-name & args] name
nenv (assoc (first env) f-name (list args exp))]
[nil (cons nenv (rest env))])
; defining a var
(let [nenv (assoc (first env) name (get-evval exp env))]
[nil (cons nenv (rest env))])))
(defn _lambda [[args exp] env]
; optimization - replace stuff in exp not listed in args
(letfn [(do-exp [acc ps [fst & rst]]
(dprn "lambda-do-exp" acc fst)
(if-not (nil? fst)
(if-not (nil? (get ps fst))
(recur (conj acc fst) ps rst) ; an arg just conj
(let [p (lookup fst env)] ; not a arg, look it up
(if-not (nil? p)
(recur (conj acc p) ps rst)
(throw (Exception. (format "unbound symbol %s" fst))))))
(dprn "lambda" args exp env)
[(list (seq args) (do-exp [] (set args) exp)) env]))
(def global-env [{:+ (core-fn + "add"), :- (core-fn -"sub"), :* (core-fn * "mul")
(keyword "/") (core-fn / "div"), := (core-fn = "eq"), :> (core-fn > "gt")
:>= (core-fn >= "gte"), :< (core-fn < "lt"), :<= (core-fn <= "lte")
:not _not, :define _define, :if _if, :cond _cond, :cons _cons
:list _list, :append _append, :car _car, :cdr _cdr, :null? _null
:let _let, :begin _begin, :lambda _lambda
:display _display, :newline _newline, :true true, :false false}])