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Sirel PHP Library

The word "sirel" stands for "lilac" in Estonian.

The Sirel PHP library is a general mixture of various PHP components that might be (for some people, are) useful for building server side software.

The Sirel PHP library (hereafter: Sirel) depends on bash and many standard Linux/BSD/Posix tools. It might run under CygWin, but it has not been tested on Windows.

W A R N I N G ! ! !

Sub-parts of it are pretty tried and tested and I as the original author of this library have been using it for production, but the whole library needs HEAVY REFACTORING. The user of the Sirel really needs to know one's way around the library to use it.

I do not promise that You will not run into trouble, if You use this library, despite the fact that it's the main PHP library that I use for all of my PHP projects.


The Sirel does not impose any particular architecture to its client projects. Architecturally the Sirel is a set of functions that have been divided to namespaces. The namespaces are in the form of classes and functions are in the form of static methods.

There are some exceptions. For example, database connection related username, password, port, etc. have been wrapped to a class,


and applications that use more than one database create as many instances of that class as there are simultaneous database connections. To reuse an established database connection, database connections are managed by a singleton,


There exists a database engine (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.) abstraction layer that supports only the column types that can be supported by all supported database engines. That is to say, as long as an application uses databases only through the Sirel database abstraction layer, the application can use, without any changes to its code, any of the database engines that are supported by Sirel.

Currently the MySQL support is broken (needs refactoring, update) and only PortgreSQL can be used. SQLite is not yet supported, but planned. After SQLite, the next database engine to support is the

The Sirel can be used without using any of its database related code.

To use the whole library, the


should be "required once", included.

Each of the Sirel PHP Library files includes, "requires once", all other Sirel PHP Library files that it depends on. This makes it possible to use the library by "requiring once" only the files that seem necessary.

Code examples are provided in a form of small demo-applications that reside in ./doc/examples

Unincluded Dependencies

Client code mandatory dependencies:

  • Most of the Sirel PHP library has been written in PHP 5.2, but it runs also on PHP 5.4 and in the future the support for the PHP 5.2 will be dropped.

  • The PHP mbstring extension. The sirel_core.php switches the internal string representation to UTF-8 and all of the library source relies on an assumption that the internal string representation is UTF-8.

  • The PHP GNU Multiple Precision extension (GMP extension).

Optional dependencies for client code:

  • Memcached support.

Dependencies for developing (modifying) the Sirel PHP library:

  • Ruby 2.0.x or newer ( )

  • mmmv_devel_tools ( )

  • Linux, because all of the code generation scripts are Linux specific.

  • Optionally NetBeans version 6.8, because later versions of NetBeans have a code formatter that spoils the Sirel PHP library code by placing all single line comments that follow a curly closing brace to a new line. Explanation by an example:

        } // function_name_as_a_comment


        // function_name_as_a_comment

    A Linux version of the NetBeans 6.8 binary might be downloaded from

    A historical side note (written in December 2012): the NetBeans version 6.8 seems to be the last version that got published under the Sun Microsystems. The NetBeans 6.9 seems to be already released under the Oracle, which acquired the Sun Microsystems. There have been rumors on the net that the Oracle crippled many of the original developers salaries, causing many former Sun Microsystems developers leave the company, the Oracle.

    As of NetBeans version 7.2.1 the PHP formatting bug has still not been fixed, although the JavaScript part of the NetBeans 7.2.1 seems to be more advanced and stable than in the NetBeans 6.8.

To use the Sirel, it is necessary to add some configuration code to client source. For example, database username and password have to be furnished.

Some projects that depend on Sirel depend on the environment variable SIREL_HOME, which is meant to hold a full path to the folder that contains the ./ that You are currently reading.

Some of the Files in the ./src/src

  • sirel.php

    An inclusion file for client applications that use the whole library. This file should NOT be "included" ("required once") by any of the Sirel's own files. It contains a description of Sirel file dependencies.

  • sirel_core.php

    The core of the Sirel library. All other Sirel library PHP-files depend on that file.

  • sirel_core_configuration.php

    List of Sirel configuration parameters that Sirel client code should, sometimes must, over-write, explicitly specify. For example, the client code should contain the following line after Sirel inclusion:


    It is imperative that deployments are tested in both modes, the mode, where


    and the mode, where


  • sirel_lang.php

    Mainly type verification routines and string operations.

  • sirel_db.php

    Database engine abstraction. Provides an SQL interface that does not depend on any of the supported database engines.

    Database engine is chosen by supplying a database engine name within web application configuration.

    Data types are abstracted away, because different database engines use slightly different type names.

  • sirel_dbcomm.php

    Higher level database access abstraction than the sirel_db.php. The sirel_db.php abstracted away the database engine specific issues, but sirel_dbcomm.php depends on the sirel_db.php and implements an interface, where the SQL statements are assembled automatically from hashtables.

  • sirel_resource.php

    Routines that are related to user interface media. For example user interface messages, menu item names in different languages, etc.

  • sirel_security.php

    More general than just crypto.

  • sirel_html.php

    Provides a class, sirelHTMLPage, that has a method "to_s()", which prints out a string representation of a HTML page. Different regions of the HTML page are public fields of the class sirelHTMLPage.

  • sirel_operators.php

    Set of functions that mimic the idea behind the C++ operators. The main feature, benefit, of those functions is that the function that is used for the operator is chosen dynamically according to the types of the operands. This file contains an enhanced version of the classical MAP function. The implementation entry point is a function named "func_sirel_map".

  • sirel_raudrohi_support.php

    Convenience code for applications that use the Raudrohi JavaScript Library.

  • sirel_request_handling.php

    Some rather high-level stuff that does not seem to fit anywhere else.

Hall of Fame

There is no point of listing the PHP-scene participants that deserve most of the credit, because they are already known and famous.

This "Hall of Fame" section is for listing some noteworthy projects that have not caught that much public attention.

Projects that are used for creating the Sirel:


In Estonian the word "sirel" stands for "lilac". The project sirel is a generic PHP library.



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