A custom extension of GateIn's PortalRequestHandler
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This project shows how to extend the PortalRequestHandler class of GateIn, with the intent to return a HTTP 404 response for requests to non-existing pages, eg. http://host:port/portal/classic/non-existing-page. Note that due to the package visibility of some methods and members of the PortalRequestHandler class, the custom extension needs to reside in the 'org.exoplatform.portal.application' package.

Build instructions:

  1. Download JPP 6.1 quickstarts and maven repository and follow the instructions to set up the maven repository

  2. Run the build with $ mvn clean install -s /path/to/jpp610/quickstarts/settings-hosted-repo.xml

Installation instructions

  1. Copy target/portal-request-handler-.jar to $JPP_HOME/modules/system/layers/gatein/org/gatein/lib/main

  2. Edit $JPP_HOME/modules/system/layers/gatein/org/gatein/lib/main/module.xml, and add the following to the <resources> element:

    <resource-root path="portal-request-handler-<VERSION>.jar"/>
  1. Edit $JPP_HOME/gatein/gatein.ear/portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/portal/controller-configuration, and apply the following change:
        <!-- Disable the default handler
  1. Add the following to JPP_HOME/gatein/gatein.ear/portal.war/web.xml to display a custom error page: