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Todos required for 0.9.9 release

Solid Test Coverage

Responsible person: VGoff, hubble, anyone willing and able

  • Add more Cucumber features for the whole of Refinery.
  • Add RSpec for the whole of Refinery, particularly:
    • User, User engine and User mailer
    • Inquiry mailer
    • Refinery settings

Internet Explorer 7+ Support

Responsible person: parndt, anyone willing and able

  • WYMEditor and the dialogs are the weakest areas right now.

Responsible person: stevenheidel, djones, anyone willing and able

  • Finding and filing issues found in IE

I18n support

Responsible person: anyone willing and able

  • Check all the views for missing translations
    • You can run a rake task with your locale e.g for Slovenian: rake translate:lost_in_translation LOCALE=sl

Todos required for 1.0.0 release

  • All tests must pass
  • Test and perfect everything.
  • Organise a party and media