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// For remote debugging to resolve the file locations
// it is required to configure the path mapping
// with the server path as key and local path as value.
// Make sure to use absolute path when defining server path,
// because Xdebug debugger engine does not return symbolic links.
// Example:
// "/absolute/path/to/file/on/server" : "/path/to/file/on/computer",
// "/var/www/htdocs/example/" : "C:/git/websites/example/"
"path_mapping": {
// Determine which URL to launch in the default web browser
// when starting/stopping a session.
"url": "",
// An IDE key is used to identify with debugger engine
// when Sublime Text will start or stop a debugging session.
// This package does not filter sessions by IDE key,
// it will accept any IDE key, also ones that do not match this configured IDE key.
// It is merely used when launching the default web browser with the configured URL.
"ide_key": "sublime.xdebug",
// Host address of network interface which Sublime Text
// should listen to connect with debugger engine.
// By specifying "" or "" as host address, Sublime Text
// will listen on all the configured network interfaces.
// This is the desired configuration when debugging
// a script that is located on a remote server.
// Otherwise it is recommended to use "" or "localhost"
// as configuration, when debugging a script on your local machine.
// Due to the fact that by listening on all the configured
// network interfaces raises a security concern as anyone
// can access Sublime Text through the configured port.
// When specifying host address of network interface,
// be sure to specify an IPv4 address as Sublime Text
// will listen for connections through an IPv4 socket.
"host": "",
// Which port number Sublime Text should listen
// to connect with debugger engine.
"port": 9000,
// Maximum amount of array children
// and object's properties to return.
"max_children": 32,
// Maximum amount of
// variable data to initially retrieve.
"max_data": 1024,
// Maximum amount of nested levels to retrieve
// of array elements and object properties.
"max_depth": 1,
// Break at first line on session start, when debugger engine has connected.
"break_on_start": false,
// Break on exceptions, suspend execution
// when the exception name matches an entry in this list value.
"break_on_exception": [
"Fatal error",
// E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR (since PHP 5.2.0)
"Catchable fatal error",
"Parse error",
"Strict standards",
// 0
// default
"Unknown error"
// Always close debug windows and restore layout on session stop.
"close_on_stop": false,
// Show information about super globals in context view.
"super_globals": true,
// Display property by fullname in context view.
"fullname_property": true,
// Do not show possible password values in context view.
"hide_password": false,
// Render evaluated result as parsed output instead of raw XML.
"pretty_output": false,
// Always launch browser on session start/stop.
// Note: This will only work if you have the 'url' setting configured.
"launch_browser": false,
// When launching browser on session stop do not execute script.
"browser_no_execute": false,
// Do not use the debugging window layout.
"disable_layout": false,
// Window layout that is being used when debugging.
"debug_layout" : {
"cols": [0.0, 0.5, 1.0],
"rows": [0.0, 0.7, 1.0],
"cells": [[0, 0, 2, 1], [0, 1, 1, 2], [1, 1, 2, 2]]
// Group and index positions for debug views.
"breakpoint_group": 2,
"breakpoint_index": 1,
"context_group": 1,
"context_index": 0,
"stack_group": 2,
"stack_index": 0,
"watch_group": 1,
"watch_index": 1,
// Custom gutter icons for indicating current line or enabled/disabled breakpoints.
// Do not use same icon for following values, because Sublime Text is unable
// to use the same icon for different scopes, in case there are duplicate icons
// detected it will fall back to the corresponding icon in the package.
"breakpoint_enabled": "circle",
"breakpoint_disabled": "dot",
"breakpoint_current": "",
"current_line": "bookmark",
// Path to Python installation on your system.
// Which is being used to load missing modules.
// It is recommended to configure your Python path for Sublime Text 2
// especially on older UNIX systems, where some modules (xml.parsers.expat)
// might be missing and could improve performance of package.
// Example:
// "python_path" : "/usr/lib/python2.7"
"python_path" : "",
// Show detailed log information about communication
// between debugger engine and Sublime Text.
// Log can be found at Packages/User/Xdebug.log
"debug": false