This is a http metrics reporter for kafka using Jetty with the Codahale metrics servlets ( )
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Kafka Http Metrics Reporter

This is a http metrics reporter for kafka using Jetty with the metrics servlets ( ) for exposing the metrics as JSON Objects. Instead of retrieving metrics through JMX with JConsole it is now possible to retrieve the metrics with curl or some other http / rest client. Code is tested with Kafka 0.8.0

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Install On Broker

  1. Build the kafka-http-metrics-reporter-1.0.0-uber.jar jar using mvn package.
  2. Copy the jar kafka-http-metrics-reporter-1.0.0-uber.jar to the libs/ directory of your kafka broker installation
  3. Configure the broker (see the configuration section below)
  4. Restart the broker


Edit the file of your installation, activate the reporter by setting:


URL List

url description
/api HTML admin menu with links
/api/healthcheck HealthCheckServlet responds to GET requests by running all the health checks and returning 501 Not Implemented if no health checks are registered, 200 OK if all pass, or 500 Internal Service Error if one or more fail. The results are returned as a human-readable text/plain entity.
/api/metrics exposes the state of the metrics in a particular registry as a JSON object.
/api/ping responds to GET requests with a text/plain/200 OK response of pong. This is useful for determining liveness for load balancers, etc.
api/threads responds to GET requests with a text/plain representation of all the live threads in the JVM, their states, their stack traces, and the state of any locks they may be waiting for.

Usage Examples


   curl -XGET -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" "http://localhost:8080/api/metrics"