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A simple, clean and cross-platform music player. (

Note Museeks is on its way to a big rewrite with some major UI and Back-End changes, please help shape the future of the music player in the discussions section! :]



Museeks aims to be a simple and easy to use music player with a clean UI.

You will not find tons of features, as it goal is not to compete with more complete and more famous music players. Here is a little preview though:

  • 💻 Cross-platform music player (Linux, macOS and Windows)
  • 🎧 Supported formats: mp3, mp4, m4a/aac, flac, wav, ogg, 3gpp
  • ✨ Clean and polished
  • 🌟 Playlists
  • 🎼 Queue management
  • ➰ Shuffle, loop
  • 🌄 Covers
  • 🤓 Dark theme
  • 🚤 Playback speed control
  • 😴 Sleep mode blocker
  • 🔄 .m3u import/export

Want more? Open a new issue or 👍 an existing one so we can talk about it.

Releases notes

Over here!



Binaries can be found on this page.

Build (advanced)

Warning Those instructions, are for the still work-in-progress Tauri version of Museeks. If you wish to see how to build it for Electron (<=0.20), please see the previous version of the README.

Museeks is built upon:


Please consider that master is unstable.

  • git clone
  • cd museeks
  • yarn
  • yarn tauri dev

Package binaries (advanced)

  • yarn
  • yarn tauri build

Tauri does not support x-platform binaries, so the command will only generate binaries for your current platform (macOS, Linux or Windows).


Museeks is currently in development. This implies some things can break after an update (database schemes changes, config...).

If you encounter freezes or crashes when using the app, you can reset Museeks by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Open Storage Directory
  • Alternatively, go to the Museeks folder directory
    • Windows: %AppData%\Museeks
    • OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Museeks
    • Linux: ~/.config/museeks/ or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Museeks
  • Delete everything, but mainly:
    • main.bonsaidb folder
    • config.toml file
  • Restart Museeks

If you still get problems after that, please open an issue :)

Bug report

If you want to report a bug, first, thanks a lot, that helps us a lot. Please open an issue and mention your OS, your Museeks version, and how to reproduce it. Adding a screen of the console (Menu -> View -> Toggle Developer Tools) is a big help too.


  • Fork and clone
  • Master may be unstable, checkout to a tag to have a stable state of the app
  • yarn install --frozen-lockfile && yarn run dev then run in a separate terminal yarn run museeks:debug
  • yarn run dev will launch electron and compile the app. Hot reload will work out of the box.

Please respect a few rules:

  • Before making complex stuff, don't hesitate to open an issue first to discuss about it ;)
  • Understandable code > short code: comment if needed
  • Make sure your build pass

Then open a PR :)