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Museeks 0.11 is landing, bringing a couple of much needed features. 🚀

Re-orderable playlists

Playlist are now finally re-orderable: you can re-order single or multiple tracks by drag-and-dropping them. Yes, I know, it's a shame it was not here before.

m3u support (import/export)

When importing tracks to the library, Museeks will now scan the directories for existing .m3u files and will create corresponding playlists. It only works with local files (for now).

When creating a playlist from Museeks, you can also export it to a .m3u file by right-clicking the playlist on the sidebar.

note: the files paths in the generated .m3u will be relative, not absolute. This choice was made so you can use the same library from different OS/filesystems (useful if you have your music in the cloud and you sync it on multiple devices).

note 2: tracks present in a .m3u but not present in the library after the files scan will be ignored.

MPRIS support (Linux)

Thanks to the amazing work of @acrisci and @igorer88, Museeks now supports the FreeDesktop's mpris specification. You should see a player indicator in your favorite DE if it supports mpris.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11 49 00

I personally tested this feature on Ubuntu and elementary OS, but please send feedback if you encounter any problems (testing on Linux is hard).

Covers coming from id3 tags are unfortunately not yet supported.

Custom audio output

You can now select a custom audio output device in the Settings -> Audio tab. This can be useful if you have multiple speakers/headphones and you need a per-app configuration for them.

Internal styles refactoring

  • Proper separation between components and elements
  • Dropped Bootstrap
  • Dropped Sass in favor of PostCSS + CSS modules
  • Dropped sass-lint in favor or stylelint
  • Light and dark themes are now more consistent and maintainable
  • All colors are now CSS variables
  • Thanks to this work, custom themes should be quite trivial to implement



  • Fix active playlist sometimes switching to another when renaming a playlist
  • ctrl+click and cmd+click now behave correctly on macOS
  • Fix search focus shortcut with ctrl/cmd+F
  • Fix playing bar tooltip's mispositioning when hovering the progressed section
  • Prevent links from being draggable
  • Fix deps/electron-builder electron version mismatch
  • Fix library scanning getting freezing on some edge-case scenarios


  • Ability to duplicate a playlist
  • Settings shortcut with ctrl/cmd+
  • The app is now signed on macOS


  • The tray is now only shown when minizing the app
  • The tray is now disabled on macOS (see why)
  • The minimizeToTray option is now disabled by default
  • Improved cover lookup
  • Re-enable sleep-blocker on all platforms + only activate it when using is playing (and disable it when music is paused or stopped)
  • Various tracks selection improvements
  • The playlist sidebar is now more compact, and actions are moved to the top
  • Settings view revamp (again)
  • Webpack now uses the Webpackbar plugin for fancy build indicators
  • Electron (Node.js + Chromium version bump) update (+ dependencies)

I hope you'll enjoy

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