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@martpie martpie released this Mar 8, 2018 · 266 commits to master since this release

Hello there!

Yes it took some time, but 11 months after the last release and 20K additional downloads later, Museeks 0.9 is finally here. Not a huge load of changes though, but you may welcome some of the following improvements:


No more portable versions (they may come back if there is a need for them), installers are now there: a single .exe file for Windows, a .app for macOS, and .AppImage, .deb and .rpm for Linux

(Snaps may come, but I am getting trouble building 32bits snap with a 64bits system).

Also, I could not test them all, please report any issues if you encounter some :)


Columns sorting

This stupid feature should have been there a long time ago, but this not trivial to implement, you can now sort every column by ascending or descending order :)

macOS integration

The mac version of the app was extremely buggy and not really well integrated. Everything should act like a normal app now:

  • Native window controls
  • Multi-track selection
  • Dock icon right-click + close to exit the app
  • Dock icon click to show the app
  • Use system fonts
  • Fix "Museeks interrupting logout"

Better CPU usage

It is not a secret, executing an Electron app can be really CPU consuming. We fixed some really important issues with some scenarios (the CPU sometimes going at a constant 40% usage), and reduced the overall power consumption.

Things can probably still be improved, we will see how we can do even better things in the future about this issue.

Custom scroll-bar on the library view

A lot of people complained the scroll-bar being too thin to catch with a mouse, and the conflict with resizing the app. It should not be a problem anymore.

Other improvements

  • Fix context-menus sometimes being displayed synchronously (and blocking the rendering process)
  • Fix shuffle rollback (again... it should be fixed for good now)
  • Better play button behavior when the player is not playing any song
  • Better native notifications (kudos to @complexSandwich for the trick)
  • Better playlists behaviors when deleting them
  • Simplified the development process

Under the hood

  • Updated Electron, V8 and Node.js
  • Switched to react-router v4
  • Greatly simplified our use of Redux
  • Added sass-lint
  • A lot of invisible layout improvements, removing a lot of hard-coded values
  • Your usual amount of code refactoring

A big big big thank you to @YurySolovyov for all the advice and code reviews <3

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