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A media file manager made with tk
Python Shell
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A file manager made with tk

BETA v5.0 - Video player screenshot BETA v5.0 - Image viewer screenshot BETA v5.0 - Audio player screenshot

Keyboard bindings:

Keybind's Actions Binds
Toggle Showing Hidden Files: Ctrl-h
Toggle fullscreen: F11
Refresh: Ctrl-r
Find: Ctrl-f
Search: Ctrl-s
Directory Input Bar: Ctrl-l
Up Directory: Left
Change Directory/Open File: Right
Move between Directory/Files: Up/Down
Move between Directory/Files in 10 steps: Ctrl-Up/Down
Beginning/End file of the directory: Home/End
Move scrollbar up/down: Pageup/Pagedown
Stop Media: Ctrl-1
Rewind Media by 5 seconds: Ctrl-2
Play/Pause Media: Ctrl-3
Forward Media by 5 seconds: Ctrl-4
Toggle Subtitle of Video: Ctrl-5
Toggle Audio of Video: Ctrl-6
New Tab: Ctrl-t
Switch up a tab Ctrl-Tab
Exit Tab: Ctrl-q
Quit Program: Ctrl-Q

Mouse bindings:

  • Left click on ExD brings menu of mounted external devices
  • Right click on ExD brings menu of mountable/unmountable mounted external devices


Based on Debian package names, these may differ in other distros.

  • python3
  • python3-dev
  • tkinter
  • tix
  • tix-dev
  • python3-pil
  • udisks2

In Debian/Ubuntu, install those gstreamer1.0 dependencies as follow:

sudo apt install python-gi python3-gi \
    gstreamer1.0-tools \
    gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0 \
    gir1.2-gst-plugins-base-1.0 \
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-good \
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly \
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad \

To cover over these dependencies:

  • python-gobject
  • python-gst-1.0
  • python-gstvideo

Installation dependencies:

  • cython3
  • gcc
  • python3-dev
  • pkg-config


Just run the with root. Ex: sudo ./ or su -c "./" You'll have to have the installation dependencies before you run the installation script.


It's important to put the "marttkfmanagerrc" file in your home directory as ".marttkfmanagerrc" if you want to have a proper configuration file.

To-Do; Plans for later releases:

  • Custom execution buttons
  • Better GUI configuration
  • (Maybe) drop-down for address entry
  • Bookmarks
  • Extra information on bottom about selected files
  • (Unlikely) icons/thumbnails per files
  • Gallery preview
  • Better tabs (buttons to move between tabs)

Changelog - BETA

2017 APR 20 BETA v5.0a - Changelog:

  • Added cython3 installation script and now points to /usr/share for logo and default configuration and /usr/bin for executable
  • Logo now fixed to one size, used for both about and window logo

2017 FEB 23 BETA v5.0 - Changelog:

  • Text preview height size improved
  • Fix bug where resize gets less than 0 and unable to resize
  • Changed how labels are updated
  • Images gets updated/resized via window height
  • Text line does not add a \n any-more so it looks fine to read now
  • Increased volume from 0.5 to 1
  • Prevented the forward button to go pass the total media duration
  • Improved UI to resize adjustments
  • File Properties Window
  • With ability to change permission (chmod, chgrp, chown)
  • User can now see the file's/folder's properties

2016 DEC 15 BETA v4.0 - Changelog:

  • Automounting and external storage devices support
  • Basic interface for going to external storage devices
  • Automounting when new storage device detected
  • Can unmount and mount with right click menu on ExD
  • Added localization, language mostly done:
  • Russian/русский
  • Chinese Tradition/中國傳統的 (Taiwan (RoC), Hong Kong)
  • Chinese Simplified/简体中文 (Mainland China (PRoC))
  • Japanese/日本語
  • Language will only go by your system, the default and fallback is English
  • Added the ability to toggle fullscreen
  • Single click on item makes sense now: From Button-1 to ButtonRelease-1
  • Side frame disappears when clicked on a directory
  • Changed the colour of the tabs
  • Text preview responsive to window resize
  • Fixed directory history to support multi-tabs and expected directory when forward/backward
  • Different and improve sorting list toggle
  • Name, Time, Size, and File Type sorting
  • No longer give lambda error after playlist to other directory change
  • Used partial instead of lambda (effected in the use of .unpost(), changed to call unposter function instead)

2016 NOV 28 BETA v3.0 - Changelog:

  • User Interface refinement update
  • New user interface
  • Navigation bar and buttons now in one row
  • Uses unicode symbols
  • Fixed the side frame overriding the top 2 navigation frames
  • Having the top 2 frames set to main instead of inside tab_frame
  • tab_frame no longer an array, no need for it to be one
  • Fixing the directory not changing after the music/video player playing to change tab bug
  • Auto-updates player more by 10 times
  • Allows for a slightly faster video/music load
  • Slider resolution reduced from 0.5 to 0.1 - now more accurate/on point when using the slider
  • Closing configuration button no longer refresh directory
  • side_frame mainloop turned to update to fix the rare bug crash
  • Images over the height of the tree/directory list get set to the size of the tree/directory list
  • Auto-Image resize now smooth (No longer flickers a lot when resizing)
  • No longer destroy then create, but rather just change the configuration of image
  • bottom_frame/Information frame does not get overlapped by image viewer/side_frame
  • Without the .marttkfmanagerrc file now reads for the marttkfmanagerrc_DEFAULT file
  • Menu, list_frame, and side_frame no longer an array
  • Added the ability to change between ascending and descending name

2016 NOV 24 BETA v2.2 - Changelog:

  • Version number changed from vX.X.X system to vX.X
  • vX.X.X system does not make sense in the way I decided on the version numbers
  • Add configuration button and window
  • Partial used over lambda due to the way variable passing was handled

2016 NOV 23 BETA v0.2.1 - Changelog:

  • Tabs bug fixes
  • Buttons no longer uses flat relief/style
  • Added logo on window decoration

2016 NOV 21 BETA v0.2.0 - Changelog:

  • Added tab support (Big update)
  • Auto-updates resizes more by 100 times
  • Added midi support for music player
  • Added audio and subtitle change toggle button (Not all subtitles can works and change)
  • Audio/Video player style and text formatting changed slightly
  • Added logo in about page

2016 NOV 18 BETA v0.1.7 - Changelog:

  • Added slider for both music and video player
  • Now autoplays when you select a different row if you set the music/video to play
  • Fixed some bugs (side viewer not destroyed after row change, music play refresh bug)
  • Auto-updates with the height of treeview/list of directories/files relative to directory change or window height change or directory refresh
  • Also auto-updates width of images and videos
  • Rewind/Forward seeker buttons jumps 5 seconds instead of 10

2016 NOV 14 BETA v0.1.6 - Changelog:

  • Find function implemented - Binded as: Ctrl-f
  • Search function implemented - Binded as: Ctrl-s
  • Added 'Find' and 'Refresh' button on top frame
  • Fixed text side preview stuck bug
  • Fixed up directory/change row error when video not a variable/as a NoneType
  • Prevents the side preview to be viewed when resolution is lower than the lower limit
  • Less than 800 in width means no preview
  • Only exception is the music preview which can be at any resolution
  • Make directory and Rename window redesigned
  • Deleting files now forced and one by one with each having per window opened then closed

2016 NOV 13 BETA v0.1.5 - Changelog:

  • Position of the Music Player changed from right-side to bottom
  • Added music info, position, and duration
  • Top button and Entry re-style/position
  • Partial Fix for the opening video program via Button 1 while side-video player is playing (can still crash in some circumstances)
  • Added rewind (<<) and forward (>>) seeker buttons
  • Added stop button

2016 NOV 12 BETA v0.1.4 - Changelog:

  • Video player width fix
  • Fixed Video player crash
  • Text viewer only open on .txt files now

2016 NOV 10 BETA v0.1.3 - Changelog:

  • Audio devices limited to 1
  • Video player added

2016 OCT 25 BETA v0.1.2 - Changelog:

  • Gstreamer - First time audio/basic music player implimentation

2016 OCT 05 BETA v0.1.1 - Changelog:

  • Added for reading text files
  • Tried to impliment audio (currently not working)

2016 OCT 04 BETA v0.1.0 - Changelog:

  • Added side media preview for first time
  • Currently only for previewing pictures
  • BUG: Single-Click would be delayed by one image

Changelog - ALPHA

2016 SEP 30 ALPHA v0.2.1 - Changelog:

  • Added cut, copy, and paste feature in menu
  • Added make directory feature in menu
  • Empty directory can now right click: Moved from tag bind right click to whole of treeview/list
  • Menu should unpost when click out of menu

2016 SEP 29 ALPHA v0.2.0 - Changelog:

  • It can now do multiple selection of items (files/directories)
  • Used selection instead of focus
  • Added duplication feature in menu
  • Added renaming feature in menu
  • Added delete feature in menu
  • Widgets are inside either the 2 frames
  • Resizeable directory list
  • Layout change

2016 SEP 28 ALPHA v0.1.5 - Changelog:

  • Added the ability to refresh and show/hide hidden files on right click menu

2016 SEP 21 ALPHA v0.1.4 - Changelog:

  • Add right click menu
  • Ability to use alternative program/commands

2016 SEP 18 ALPHA v0.1.3 - Changelog:

  • Fixed pos variable going out of range of history list
  • Fixed mistake where history is set at current directory and not home
  • Reduced LOC from 261 LOC to 252 LOC - No more variable assignment on top buttons and about label and button
  • Renamed to

2016 SEP 17 ALPHA v0.1.2 - Changelog:

  • Less redundent code - Cut down of around ~40 SLOC (From 310 to 261 LOC/238 SLOC (including removing of 9 lined dependency comment))
  • Uses lambda instead in replace of simpler functions
  • Display 'Directory don't exist' if user tries to enter a non-existent directory

2016 SEP 16 ALPHA v0.1.1 - Changelog:

  • Use arrow keys to quickly navigate through directories and files
  • Control-up/down for 10 steps
  • Display 'Access Denied' if user cannot enter directory
  • About window fixed

From 2016 SEP 15 v00 to 2016 SEP 15 ALPHA v0.1.0 - Changelog:

  • Turn it from a file browser to a basic file manager
  • Change from release click to double click
  • Add more information on bottom: Free space V Total space
  • Hide hidden files - Toggles with 'CTRL + H'
  • Ability to refresh directory - Toggles with 'CTRL + R'
  • Files ends with 'rc' are recognised
  • Changed from PRE-ALPHA to ALPHA stage
  • Change how up directory works
  • Directory entrybox binded to keyboard-enter
  • Flexably uses between units (Bytes to YiB) on file sizes
  • \xa0 used instead of _
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